Regulatory Solutions supports Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue.

The great team at Regulatory Solutions LLC welcomed Vini, Scarecrow and I when we came by for a visit. When Lynne Raney Harris became aware of Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue she spoke with her co-workers about putting together some donations to help with our rescue efforts. We had just received a huge bundle of food, toys, treats, much need cleaning supplies, etc at Christmas. I was surprised when she called to let me know they wanted to be our Valentine. So with a couple of pups in tow, it was time to go to meet this generous crew. I do not recall everyone’s name but they are definitely part of the Pound Posse. Thank you all so much for making us feel so welcome… and for being a part of saving these little lives. Your continued generosity is overwhelming.

We will come by again in the near future so you can meet more of the wagging tails you are helping. This office is not just dog friendly when a visitor comes by. As I was talking with several of the team, a dog walked around the corner of the office to greet us. They bring their dogs to work with them! How cool is that?!

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